After data showed that COVID-19 cases were on the rise amongst Montana college students returning to the state after the summer break, two of our public healthcare clients joined forces to tackle the problem. After some research, we found that concern over contracting the virus was low amongst younger people, so they were less likely to wear a mask.

Our solution was to create an ad campaign informing Montana’s younger demographic that the primary goal of wearing a mask is to protect someone else from catching your illness.

We created social media ads with visually captivating sayings about wearing masks. The ads drove visitors to a landing page that broke down the CDC guidelines into easily digestible chunks of information. Other local PSAs had taken a heavy approach to pandemic related messaging. Considering our demographic, we felt a more playful tone would be the most effective route. Phrases like “keep your virus to yourself” achieved the goal of being approachable while informing the viewer of the mask’s primary role.

As a whole, our campaign reminded people that they can be an effective force in our state’s fight against COVID-19.

The landing page for the social media campaign featured short, easy to understand facts about the benefits of wearing a mask.

The state of Montana’s western border closely resembles the profile of a human face, lending itself to a clever graphic of the state wearing a mask.