Before changing its name to PureView Health Center, the Cooperative Health Center was dated and often confused with the county health department. The organization suffered from low awareness and brand perception. The organization had just remodeled its facility and decided to simultaneously rebrand to address its communication challenges.

The Solution

We developed a new brand, name, and look and feel supported by market research. To activate the brand we developed and implemented a Strategic Communication Plan. We also deployed a brand assimilation program (internal marketing) so that employees knew how to deliver the brand at all touchpoints. Finally, we provided strategic PR assistance to handle the media and gain several lengthy positive news articles.

The results

After twenty-one years in operation, only 43% of Helena was familiar with Cooperative Health Center’s brand. Familiarity with PureView Health, a name unknown at launch, rose in Lewis & Clark County to 66% in 2017, just eighteen months after the launch of an integrated advertising and public relations campaign. The number of people who would consider using PureView’s services is also on the rise, with 48% considering using services in 2016 and 56% considering using services in 2017.